About Us

Hi! I am Alanna.

We are so excited you are here.

Our family is on a verge of something great. Taking the road less traveled is never easy, but it’s usually way more fun.

I’m the mama behind Growing up Gallo, the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive., a content creator, writer, and former teacher who went rogue.

My husband, Matt (aka Babe), is an incredible artist who is obsessed with history, travel, movies, and Star Wars.

Together we have four little ones. Those cuties to the right.

Henry is a self-proclaimed LEGO master, social butterfly, and math wiz who loves mud, trucks, and science. He is a mama’s boy with a sensitive heart, curious mind, and adventurous spirit.

Charlotte is a budding artist and dancer. She is thoughtful and kind in a way I only wish I could be. She loves to read and write and is my kid who could quietly play ALL day by herself.

Emma is my fierce, wild, risk-taker. She gives me greys on the daily, was climbing to the ceiling, and swinging on chandeliers since she was only 18 months. She’s the sweet and spicy one that keeps you on your A-game.

Georgia aka Gigi is my (probably?) last baby. She’s observant but knows what she wants. She is determined to keep up with her siblings and already getting into good trouble when left to explore on her own.

You only live once. Make sure you live a life worthy of your dreams.